MEI students 2006

Sunday, December 24, 2006


Merry Christmas and happy New Year,

seeya next year (o;

Monday, November 06, 2006

Theme party

So pleace everyone, come up with a good idea for a party for the other masterprograms.

Make a comment (o;

Sunday, October 08, 2006

RE: about international party

Yeah, as Alla Maria already mentioned, it was really nice party and too pitty that everybody couldn't come. Thank's for everyone who came and hopefully you enjoyed it as much as i did.

See also my pictures.

pictures from the international night

Hey guys,

the international night on friday was really nice.

thanks Marika, Eret, Anneli, Charlotte and the rest of you who helped or cooked or something else, it was really nice (o;

I put in pictures from Martin, you can see them there on the right side, good to take a break from the project work and look at some pics (o;

Sunday, October 01, 2006

International night

Friday 6th of October there is an international night for the MEI program (Everybody who take some courses from the MEI program are welcome). You should bring some food and drink that's common to your country and represent it to others.

Where: Marconigatan 9 on the 11th floor (tram station: frölunda)
When: 6th Oct at 19:00

Lets have fun together and get to know eachother more :)

Sunday, September 24, 2006

The party and pictures

On Friday we started with a after work on Respekt on Järntorget. The place is good but some of us didn't like the food. It smelled so badly (",)

After the after work we went to Baptiste place and OMG. I think everyone wanted to throw Baptiste out the window to be able to get his room. His appartment is huge and aircondition in every room and down town. Someone was not going to drink so much because that someone wanted to make sure the appartment was okey when we left but that same someone ended up being the second drunkest (",) So a good party which ended up either on Excet, Sticky fingers or Tangeria (or something).

Thanks Baptiste for a good party!

So if you look to your right you can see that we now have our first pictures on this site so check them out if you want too.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Friday - party day

Now we have a plan for tomorrow.

16:30 After work (free food) at Respect at Järntorget (tram stop)

20:30 Baptiste is having a party for us the MEI students (see the post below this one)

00- 01:00 Go somewhere else we can dance (so Baptiste's roommates can go to sleep).

if any questions just make a comment

So I hope I will see you all

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

MEI students party

Hejhej !
What are you doing on friday evening after the afterwork? PARTY !!!
If you haven't planned anything yet (sauna party, ...) , i suggest you to have a party at my place with all people of our class! Come around 8:30 with whatever you like to drink ! or anything else ! ;-)
And the party should last until 12 or 1:00, time to decide a place where to go later on !
To come here : 40 Norra Hamngatan , between Brunnsparken and Centralstation tram stop.
The big white building with Japan's photo at the bottom, next to the Hotel Opera entrance is the number40 entrance door. Ring at the 4th floor (4:e vån)...maybe someone not too deaf or too drunk can open you the door :-P !! if you get lost (some people still managed to do it ... !) , here is my number : 073 723 62 25
Hope too see all of you here !!


Nivå tonight

Violeta posted on our Forum

Hi, we are meeting at Niva tonite for few drinks.
9.30 in Niva.
See you,

so those of you who are sitting alone at home,having nothing to do (except for studying) show up at Niva tonight (",)

Remember school only starts at 1 pm tomorrow.